about Zwaans GmbH
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In 1954, Jac Zwaans started a business. His idea: combine  Western European entrepreneurship with the technical simplicity of Eastern Europe. In the following years, he established a company focussed on trading machinery for the leather industry in Europe.
In 1971, Joseph Zwaans transformed his father’s company into currrent Zwaans GmbH. His vision was to grow into a supplier for the leather industry that can satisfy all machinery needs: first.- time installation, maintenance, restauration and disinvestmnet.
Continious innovation in these core functions followed: the Pressomatic pressure device for Mollisa or Transbelt lycra staking belts, just to name a few. Additionally, a growing network of partners sustained customer support over the company’s own products. Enduring beneficial business relations rather than the one - time sell approach have played a central role in the success and versatility of Zwaans
This method, paired with a dedication to quality, supported global growth in the following years. Within a changing global economy, Zwaans has recognized the potential of emerging markets, and shifted the priorities of certain business functions towards these areas.
With a new millenium come new challenges. In recent years, growth in the traditional leather and machinery industry appears limited. The experience from that business however, is not! The application of innovative processes and materials will shape the future of orthopedics, where Zwaans is, once again, combining sustainability with innovation